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There is no rags to riches plotline to us but there definitely is a 'From a chai-sutta conversation to co-founders' peg.

In 2017, Jugaad took its baby steps into the industry and from then to now, we have taken over several F&B handles, classic jewelry establishments & other thriving brands and established benchmarks in departments such as Social Media Marketing, Photography, Branding, Packaging, the A to Z of design and everything that there is in today's thriving online & social world. 

As we went from designing cutesy logos to creating share-worthy content on social media, we also ventured into another world that by all means has been closest to our heart - that of weddings! In 2018, we started capturing D days of all kinds, with our undying love for detail & aesthetic and soon became a couple's favorite source to turn to on the most important day of their lives. Today, with Weddings By Jugaad we cater to almost every detail of your big day, from decor to design and shutterbug - we are game for your happily ever after. 

So that's us cheerfully entering Mondays with a few awkward designers, whacky social media managers, crazy shutterbugs, an energetic sales team and bucket loads of Jugaad! A typical day at ours ranges from styling the city's finest jewelry brands to putting out quirky content, capturing mouth-watering delicacies and racing with athletes on the grass courts of sports hubs. 


Ideally, with Jugaad by your side - you never have to worry about photographers leaving before Pandits, running behind deadlines and you can most definitely leave behind the nightmare of being blue ticked! 

And if you're still wondering what is this Jugaad we are raving about, here's making it easy for you - 
Jugaad: A word taken from Hindi which captures the meaning of smartly finding the solution to any problem
in the 
quickest & most quirky way possible. 




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